Don’t let the sweat get your hair down: 5 ways to wear your natural hair to the gym while exercising

  • hair + beauty, health + fitness
  • June 13, 2013
  • Ashley

So you are headed to the gym and are wondering how to style your hair. Believe it or not, the seemingly impossible IS ALWYAS POSSIBLE when it comes to styling natural hair. That’s the beauty of texture: versatility. Here are 5 different ways of wearing your Natural Hair without having to concern yourself with sweating out your style.


Although twisting your hair may take some time it is definitely worth it.  Twisting allows you to work out without worrying about sweating your hair out.  This style typically holds up well and looks good even after you leave the gym!

Twist Out

If you think that it is time to give the twist a rest then go for the twist out look.  This style looks awesome and is workout approved.


Maybe you don’t want to take the time and effort of doing twist, then you can go to the good old fallback, a bun!  It’s simple it’s quick and works with you not against you at the gym.

Braided Bang

Want to spice it up a little?  You can definitely braid the front of your hair and have twist or a fro towards the back.  This adds a little spice to your gym look.

Curl Puff

Finally, you can always wear your Afro or just pull your curls back and you are ready to go!

So what are your favorite styles that won’t sweat out? 

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