5 Reasons You’ll Adore tgin’s Twist and Define Cream for Natural Hair

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  • January 6, 2016
  • Ashley

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Twist and Define Cream is a long time favorite of many naturals and for good reason! Not only does tgin’s Twist and Define Cream effortlessly define curls it also provides moisture to dry and thirsty hair! This curl defining superstar works with the loosest to tightest of curls while adding moisture, shine and definition! Find out why we absolutely adore tgin’s Twist and Define Cream for natural hair!

1. Amazing Ingredients

Coconut oil and vitamin E oil are two of the main ingredients in this curl definer. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft while partnering with vitamin E oil to ensure that curls are not just defined but also well moisturized. The coconut oil and vitamin E oil also work together to add a beautiful shine to curls.

2. Great Styler 

Twist outs, braid outs, twists and wash n go’s are a few of the styles that go perfect with this curl defining cream. You don’t have to use a ton of product to receive a soft beautiful hold and long lasting curl. Our Daily Butter Cream for Natural hair also works great with this product.

3. No Flaking 

Flakes,crunchy hair and the dreaded white, brown or black residue that many curl definers leave is not a problem with this magnificent curl definer. The ingredients in the curl definer work with your hair to provide flake free curls!

4. Frizz Reducer

Say goodbye to frizz, fly aways and unruly hair. The Twist and Define Cream provides hold while leaving curls soft, defined and beautiful. Frizz is greatly reduced and fly aways don’t stand a chance when up against this creamy curl definer.

5. Hydrates 

Dry thirsty strands get rejuvenated with the rich ingredients in this magnificent product. Instead of drying the strands out like many curl definers do tgin’s Twist and Define cream adds moisture back into the hair leaving it more defined and quenched and shiny.

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