10 Books for Curly Kids

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  • February 14, 2016
  • Ashley


Children’s books geared towards curly, natural cuties are popping up every where and we are definitely here for it! It is clear that representation matters not only to adults but to our children as well. We found ten books perfect for your natural haired little one and decided to share! Check them out.

1.My Hair is Beautiful Because It’s Mine!


Paula Dejoie uses rhyme and wit to illustrate just how important it is to have a positive picture of self. This book oozes self love!

2.  I Love My Hair 


In I love my Hair, little Keyana finds it hard to appreciate her coils as her mother combs through her curly tendrils each night. Her mother teaches her the importance of loving her beautiful curls.

3. Big Hair Don’t Care 


Despite having the biggest hair in her entire school, Lola rocks it with confidence. Lola loves her hair as well as telling anyone who will listen just how much she adores it.

4. Happy to Be Nappy 


In this fun and easy read, children are taught to celebrate the joy of being natural in a fun and rhythmic way.

5. Chocolate Me


Taye Diggs and Shane W. Evans partnered on this heart warming tale of a little boy who needed a little help to feel about his appearance! Mom came to the rescue and showed him just how special he was.

6. I Love My Cotton Candy Hair 


This series follows caring little Charlie as she discovers all of the reasons to love everything about herself.

7. Emi’s Curly Cotton Candy Hair 


At only 7 years old Emi has the right notion when it comes to loving herself and her beautiful curls and coils!

8.Bippity Bop Barbershop


Little Miles get his first haircut as he is encouraged by his father and barber. He completes a right of passage that is so important to African American boys.

9.Penny and the Magic Puff Balls 


After feeling down about her hair not being the same as the other girls in her school, Penny’s mom gave her two beautiful puffs that helped her discover the magic of not only her hair but that she had within her.

10. Princess Truly and The Hungry Bunny Problem


This picture book follows the adventures of this princess and her enchanted hair!

Will you be purchasing these books for your cute, coiled and curly kids?

Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician,makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago,residing in Los Angeles! Follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet 

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