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    Are you looking for the best protein treatment for curly hair? And want to gain a better overall understanding of protein treatments? Well, look no further. Not only did we create a guide to enhance your understanding, we also shared the “best protein treatment”.


    Our Miracle RepaiRx CPR Protein Treatment works deeply to detoxify hair, remove buildup, and strengthen strands by restoring protein loss. Our gentle formula moisturizes the scalp and smoothes the hair cuticle to promote hair growth and a healthy scalp.

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    But don’t just take our word for it, check out these customer testimonials:


    “I recently took my hair out its protective style after wearing one for 10 months. I knew my hair needed some tender loving care. I love TGIN products so I was eager to try this new line. I needed to do a protein treatment and my hair was in need of repair. I was impressed with how my hair felt after leaving it in my hair for about 10 minutes. I followed it up with the hair mask within the line. My hair looked and felt revived. So I will continue to use this throughout the month. Worth the money.”


    -Jenita M


    “I LUV this TGIN Protein Reconstructor DC! It is very creamy and soaks up easily into my strands. Easy application and leaves my hair so soft when rinsed. My hair also felt stronger. as well, but not overly strengthened. Good moisture-protein balance. I have 4b texture with medium porosity. This will definitely be a re-purchase over and over, plus the size is 12oz! Good bang for your buck!”




    “This product worked wonders on my hair after the first use. My hair was noticeably stronger (less breakage) and shiny. And the product truly smells amazing! I love that it’s all natural and still works this well. I’ll definitely be purchasing again”.



    CPR Protein Treatment, tgin, miracle repairx collection, miracle babe, thank god its natural, protein,

    Shop Now: Get the Miracle RepaiRx CPR Protein Treatment


    What is a protein treatment?


    A protein treatment is a treatment for your hair that adds protein into the cuticle. The purpose of a protein treatment is to strengthen weakened or damaged hair. 


    What are the benefits of a protein treatment? Does it repair hair breakage?


    Exposure to chemical treatments, heat tools and environmental stressors can have a negative impact on the health of your hair. These elements can weaken the protein that naturally exists in your strands, protein treatments can bring it back. Dr. Sapna Palep, board certified dermatologist for Spring Street Dermatology, explains that “protein treatments repair your hair by attaching hydrolyzed proteins to the hair cuticle,” thus preventing damage, repairing hair breakage, heat and color damage.

    How do you know if your hair needs protein or moisture?


    In the natural hair world, there is a heavy focus on moisture and sometimes the need for protein gets pushed to the side, but protein is just as important as moisture. Our hair is made up of amino acids and proteins called keratin, which gives our hair strength and structure. The keratins in your hair can break down and lead to damage. Common causes are due to chemical treatments, over-styling, and environmental stressors leading to these five signs that you can look out for to determine if you need a protein treatment.


    Hair looks limp and stringy

    Experiencing limp or lifeless hair? This is a sign you need a protein treatment! Healthy hair is full of life, bouncy and durable. By adding in a protein treatment you will revitalize your strands to create healthier and durable hair. Our Miracle RepaiRx CPR Protein Treatment can help you with that!

    Hair has low elasticity

    Hair elasticity refers to the strength of your strands and ability to stretch without breakage. According to trichologist (one who studies hair and scalp conditions), Dr. Kari Williams, “A hair shaft that has poor elasticity can break easily with grooming and manipulation”. The major culprits of low elasticity are chemicals and heat.. When these treatments and tools are applied to your hair you can experience cracks and breaks in the hair shaft. 

    Hair has been recently colored

    Color-treated hair is more prone to breakage and damage. After a color treatment, if you are experiencing dry and brittle hair, this is a sign you need a protein treatment. It is important to understand that when you add chemicals to your hair, your strands become fragile. Therefore, your current hair regime probably will no longer be effective. Time to switch things up and incorporate protein to cure the imbalance. 


    Here’s a product we recommend:

    CPR Protein Treatment, tgin, miracle repairx collection, miracle babe, thank god its natural, protein,

    Shop Now: Get the Miracle RepaiRx CPR Protein Treatment


    Excessive Breakage

    Breakage could be a result of protein loss or deficiency. Hair breakage occurs when you lose hair from the shaft, not the root. On the other hand, shedding is when hair is lost at the root. Still not sure about the difference between breakage and shedding? Do the Bulb Test. By holding your hair strand up to the light you can inspect for a tiny white bulb, which is the root. If there is a root, this indicates shedding not breakage. 


    High Porosity Levels

    Is your hair highly porous? Highly porous hair absorbs and releases moisture faster due to gaps in the strands. The result is hair feeling dry, coarse and weak. It is crucial to incorporate protein treatments into your hair, by doing so you will add the strength and support your hair has been begging for. 


    Get matched with our best products based on your porosity level!


    How often should you do a protein treatment on your natural hair?

    As a general rule it is recommended that you do a protein treatment every 4 to 6 weeks. Overusing protein treatments can lead to protein overload and adverse effects. You can actually experience breakage if you are overusing protein. 



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