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    Tired of the usual dinner and a movie date night? Ditch the traditional dates and try these creative date night ideas with your spouse or significant other:

    Go on a brewery tour

    Learn about the brewing process of a local brewery while trying some of their beer.


    Help out at a soup kitchen, spend time at a local pet shelter or help plant a community garden. Find a cause that you are both passionate about and have fun!

     Plan a game night

    Bust out classic games like Uno, Monopoly, Checkers, Twister or Jenga and have a fun night of competition.

     Host a dinner party

    Whether it’s casual or formal, hosting a dinner party is a great way to spice up your date night and include your friends.

     Get a couple’s massage

    What better way to end a hectic work week, than enjoying a couple’s massage with your honey.

    Take a cooking class

    Looking for a way to refine your cooking skills or do you want to learn how to make a certain dish? Either way, this is a great opportunity to bond with your significant other.

    Have a picnic

    Pack a lunch or dinner and head to your backyard or your favorite park.  Or, if the weather isn’t cooperating, take your picnic indoors.

    See a movie at the drive-in

    Check out   or Google to find locations near you.

    Venture to a local Bed & Breakfast

    Don’t have the time or money to go for a long vacation? Add a twist to the staycation idea and go to a bed & breakfast.

    Gaze at the stars

    Make a trip to a planetarium and watch the stars. Or, better yet grab some wine, a blanket, some tunes and have a romantic evening in your backyard.  Download an app like Night Sky, Pocket Universe, or Sky Map to help you identify the stars.

     Visit your local park for “Movies in the Park”

    During the spring and summer many parks show free movies to the public. Bring a blanket and cozy up while watching a movie outdoors.

    Workout together

    Try an AcroYoga, Spinning or TRX class together. Many gyms offer a variety of fitness activities that you can try with your partner. Choose a class that you can both enjoy!

     Do your own mini pub or food crawl

    Compile a list of restaurants or bars that you want to go to. Set out a weekend or two to visit some of the places and enjoy all they have to offer.

      Make a bucket list

    Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? Is there something you’ve wanted to try? Grab a pen, paper and your significant other and create a bucket list. Once you have a list, work on crossing things off.

    You can also create your own Date Night Jar to keep your date nights fun and fresh.

    What’s your go-to date night idea?


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