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Beautiful Ways to Rock the Side Braid with Natural Hair



    Side braids look beautiful with every hair texture, in any season! The side braid can be dressed up or down, and looks good on literally anyone.But, being natural, sometimes the humidity can be a doozie for us. So the question remains: how can we still be fly, fabulous and fresh-to-death?

    Ladies, I got you. All you need is this one technique. It’s called the sidebraid.

    (You’re all like whaaaa?)

    Yes, the sidebraid. This will be a summer staple for a bevy of obvious reasons.


    It’s Stylish


    It gives anyone wearing it a very regal, almost Grecian look without even trying. While walking on the beach and the wind and surf is in everyone’s hair messing everyone up, you’ll be the only cute one because your hair will be on point!

    It’s Easy


    Yes, this style is best suited for women with long hair, but all you have to do is brush your hair to one side, and then begin to perform a three-strand braid. That’s it! It can be done in seconds, or if you’re like me, and you’re scrambling to get ready, it can be done in the car on the way to the beach!

    It’s Versatile


    My side is the left side. It just is, Whenever I’m wearing my hair in a wrap, I always let my hair hang to the left. When I rock my sidebraid, I’ll wear it the left as well. The left might not be your side, it could be the right. Either way, this sidebraid could be worn on the left or right, with a small accessory at the end or not. You can spice it up, or play it down. No matter what, this stylish and simple hair style is a keeper.

    So there you have it ladies. Get you a crisp white outfit this summer (because you know it’s the summer color) and throw in this cute sidebraid, and just wait for your ears to start ringing because you’ll be the talk of the town.

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