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The Best Lightweight tgin Products for Natural Hair

The Best Lightweight tgin Products for Natural Hair


    At tgin we know the importance of having a multitude of dry hair solutions for every hair type. When it comes to natural hair there are so many different hair types and textures and we pride ourselves on having something for everyone. Whether your hair loves lightweight products on all occasions, or sometimes your style requires a lighter product, we have some great options for you to try!

    Rose Water Curl Refresher

    Our Rose Water Curl Refresher with Rose Water and Green Tea works to refresh overworked curls, kinks and waves. Shine is enhanced while frizz is reduced, leaving hair soft, moisturized and manageable.

    Green Tea Super Moist Leave in Conditioner

    The Green Tea Super Moist Leave in Conditioner with Green Tea and Argan Oil effectively detangles hair while reducing frizz, flyaways and breakage. Natural oils are replenished while hair growth is promoted.

    Sweet Honey Hair Milk

    Hair is protected against damage and split ends with our Sweet Honey Hair Milk with Raw Honey and Agave Nectar. Detangling agents help keep hair soft and smooth while minimizing breakage.

    Honey Whip Hydrating Mousee

    Raw honey enhances shine in our lightweight Honey Whip Curl Defining Mousse. This perfect combination of moisture and antioxidants fights frizz while transforming dry brittle hair strands into soft, smooth and healthy hair.

    Miracle RepaiRx Protective Leave in Conditioner

    Our Miracle RepaiRx Protective Leave in Conditioner with Black Honey and Coconut Oil replenishes hair’s natural oils while reducing split ends and promoting hair growth.

    100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Hair and Body Serum

    From hair masks, pre-poos and leave-ins to fresh out of the shower lathering, this serum will give your hair and skin the moisture it craves. Thirsty hair is quenched and dry skin is nourished with this all natural oil that provides deep penetration and long lasting nourishment.

    What is your favorite lightweight tgin product?


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