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You’ve been being so good over the summer, with your protective hairstyles, and deep conditionings, but for the fall you want to try something a little different, and give yourself a heat pass! There is nothing wrong with heating up the fall, with a straight style, as long as you don’t use too much heat on your hair, and keep it protected. Here are five ways to make your blowout last this fall!


1. Get it right the first time

The first step to ensuring that your blowout is going to last, is making sure it was straightened good enough the first time. You don’t want to have to put heat on your hair everyday that it is straight. When you get a really good blowout, you don’t have to worry about your hair resembling a poodle the next day. Invest in a good flat iron. Ceramic flat irons tend to work really well with natural hair. Make sure that you are also using a heat protectant, as you don’t want to get heat damage during this process. While you are flat ironing your hair, take small sections of hair at a time, doing this allows you to get your hair straighter, and for your style to last longer. Be sure you either go to a fabulous stylist, or take the time and effort yourself, when you first straighten your hair, for optimal long lasting results.


2. Sleep pretty

No matter how great a job your hairstylist did while straightening your hair, if you don’t wrap it at night, most likely, you won’t have silky straight hair in the morning.  Use bobbi pins, and a silk scarf or sleep on a silk or satin pillow case, to ensure your hair is well protected overnight.


3. Refresh

Hair is bound to start looking a little less luxurious, by day three or four. A great way to refresh your hair is by rolling it with either large rollers or flexi rods,  or using the silk wrap method, where you wrap your hair with saran wrap and sit under the dryer, to restore your hair back to the state when it was first done. To keep your hair looking silky, try a few drops of TGIN’s argan oil on the ends.


4. Don’t sweat it

Having your hair straight is no reason to skip out on the workouts. Make sure your hair is up and away from your neck while working out, so it is not getting sweat on it. Put your hair in a high ponytail or wrap it during workouts. Be sure to dab your hair with a dry towel to remove any excess sweat, when you are finished. In general, while your hair is straight you want to avoid water, that means no long steamy hot showers and no water based products which can cause hair to revert back to its natural state. If your hair isn’t looking as fresh as before, go back to step 3, refresh.


5. Switch it up

Just because your hair is straight, doesn’t mean you have to wear it down in the same style every single day. To avoid your hair falling, try different styles. The first  day or two wear it how it is styled. The next day try adding a curl or two, put it in a sophisticated high pony or bun when you’ve worn it straight for a while. When you are ready to go back to your original style, once again refresh it!


How will you be maintaining your blowout this fall?



Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician,makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, residing in Los Angeles! Follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet and check out her website

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