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Seafood Some seafood like salmon and other fatty fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and B12. Omega 3s help prevent dry scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.Spinach and leafy greensDark greens contain high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C which help produce sebum. Sebum helps shield the hair and lock in moisture.Beans, nuts and seedsAre rich in vitamin E, biotin and proteins which can help strengthen the hair and promote hair growth. Chicken and meatsContain protein, B vitamins, and vitamin A, which promote hair strength, sebum production and prevent breakage and shedding.EggsEggs are another great source of protein for optimal hair health.Whole grainWhole grain breads and cereals are rich in B vitamins which are known to promote healthy hair and scalp.Milk and dairy productsCalcium and protein found in dairy aid in healthy hair maintenance. Photo credit

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