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    work. Naturals around the world spend hours in their bathroom combing, moisturizing, spritzing and all that jazz just to make sure their hair is at its best. But the real magic happens at night. Right before we count our sheep, we should be partaking in some kind of hair reggy to keep our tresses healthy and looking luxurious. When our hair was relaxed, all we had to do was wrap it, and call it a day. Now, not so much. Some women’s regime are fairly simple, others are a little more complex. Either way, you need to have one, especially if you want to maintain your twist out or braid out for a couple of days. Here are five tips that can add a little more rest and relaxation to your bedtime routine. SpritzEstimated Time: 2 minutes Frequency: Every couple of days Spritzing your ends and your scalp with filtered water is very important because it helps to you’re your hyrdrated and moisturized. If you would like to add a hint of fragrance, try using floral waters such as chamomile and sandalwood. Keep your floral water in the refrigerator and then add to a spray bottle when you want to use it. Some women like to spritz their hair, and then seal their ends with their favorite hair oil, a mixture of oils or shea butter. Aside from your hair smelling wonderful, it’ll soak up the water, and you’ll see the benefits of it in the morning. Click here to read the 10 Best Oils for Natural Hair.PlaitsEstimated Time: 10 minutes Frequency: Every night or every 2-3 nights depending on how much curl definition you’re going for Okay, so if you’re dating a new guy, you might want to skip rocking your Celie during the infamous and fleeting “honeymoon” stages. But when you two are finally settled in and cozy, feel free to bust out your plaits! Plaits are a great way to maintain your curl pattern. It also helps prevent your hair from having that awful patted down look in the morning. Hey, we never said the hair regime had to be cute, but it does get the job done. You got, me?TwistingEstimated Time: 1 hour Frequency: Can leave in for up to two or three weeks, and retwist in big plaits nightly thereafter. For extra curl definition and more precise curl, small two strand twists are the way the go. Although small twists require more time than plaits, you can easily get away with wearing these for a few days or weeks as their own style and then taking them down and wearing a twist out for a completely different look. They also look great if you’re lying in bed next to hubbie or your s.o.The PineappleEstimated Time: 2 minutes Frequency: Every night, depending on how much curl definition you want to preserve Now, doesn’t this one sound fun. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, when you pineapple your hair, it’s the procedure used to preserve your curl pattern. What it entails is massaging some of your favorite hair oil into your scalp and on your ends. Then using a headband (preferably one that’s semi-worn) and using it to put your hair on top of your head-like a pineapple. Now, by doing this, you can sleep on your head however you want, and your curls won’t become flat or looked worn out. Some women use this method when they’re rocking their curls, and it’s helped preserve them for a week. Click here to see a video on the Pineapple Method.Bring Out the SatinEstimated Time: 30 seconds Frequency: Mandatory — Not Optional It should goes without saying that you should never be letting your hair come in direct contact with a cotton pillowcase at night. Remember, cotton fibers absorb the natural oils found in your hair, which may result in dryness or breakage. Keep your strands protected by tying your hair up with a satin scarf, covering it with a satin bonnet, or sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Of all these tips, this one is not optional. Ladies, this might sound like a lot, but I promise you that giving your hair a little TLC before you hit the sack is totally will worth your time. Add these tips to your routine, and I promise you, your hair will thank you for it.So, ladies what’s your bed time hair routine?For more information about natural hair care, please pick up a copy of the book Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair now available at,, and Barnes & Noble.]]>

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