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Wash n’ go’s are low maintenance, easy, quick, and beautiful. Wash n’ go’s can be achieved by simply washing and conditioning, or co-washing the hair, adding your favorite leave in conditioner, and hitting the door. Tgin’s Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer is a great product for wash n’ gos, that not only offers moisture but also definition for the perfect curls. Using a shampoo with no sulfates will also allow you to get soft, beautiful curls without having to worry about them being dull or lifeless. Tgin’s sulphate free, Moisture Rich Shampoo, is perfect for frequent use, without over drying. Here are five easy ways to add a twist to the summer wash n’ go!


Source: Pinterest

1. Add braids!


Source: Loudinnaija

Braids are fun, youthful, and easy. What better way to add some dimension to your wash n’ go than to add a braid? Adding a braid can add a little spunk to this easy hairstyle. You can add a french braid to the front or back of your hair, or even an individual braid to stand out in your funky fro!

2. Twist it up.



Source: Pinterest

Twists are another great way to add something  extra to the average wash n’ go. Twists can also be done as a flat style in the front of the hair, or even in the back to transform your wash n’ go to a quick and fun up-do.

3. Faux hawk!


Source: Pinterest

The faux hawk is perfect for wash n’ go’s as well as refreshing an old wash n’ go. This style is cute and helps to elongate the curls and make them appear fuller.

4.Color for every season.


Source: Pinterest 

Color is always fun to play around with. Try adding accent clip in pieces of hair throughout your wash n’ go, or even use rinse out color, such as color wax over a few strands to add a pop of color.


5. Rock a scarf!

Source: Therighthairstyle

There is nothing more sexy and mysterious, than a confident woman rocking a scarf, red lipstick, and oversized sunglasses in the summer! So 1950’s glam. Wrap your favorite scarf, or even old tee shirt around your head and allow your curls to come out at the top. This look is great for a summer day or night, and looks amazing with bold earrings!

Remember to always ensure your hair is well moisturized, nourished, and detangled before rocking this do! Happy hair don’t care!

How will you be rocking your wash n’ go this summer?

Check out NaturalNeiicey‘s video below for more great tips on rocking the wash n’ go


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