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Have you been searching for a strong hold gel to keep your curls in place without the flaky crunch that often comes with styling gels? Our strongest hold yet, Miracle RepaiRx Miracurl Styling Gel is formulated with Black Castor Oil and Biotin to create a stronger hold that helps to promote growth and length retention. This gel is grat for those trying to grow their hair while wearing versatile styles that last!

What hair textures benefit from the gel?

The Miracurl Styling Gel is great for all textured hair and especially Type 4 naturals. We recognized the need for a gel that provided hold and worked to meet the needs of our type 4 naturals. With many styling gels, you have to compromise between having great hold or moisture. This gel effectively provides a long lasting definition and hold without dryness. 


What are the key ingredients?

This strong, long last hold styling gel is enriched with growth promoting Biotin and Black Castor Oil. These two ingredients provide the perfect blend to promote healthy hair growth. As always, our products do not include parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors or animal testing. 


What’s the difference between our Curls N’ Roses Styling Gel and our MiraCurl Styling Gel?

Our Miracurl Styling Gel, our strongest hold yet, speaks for itself. If you are looking for a strong, defined and long-lasting hold… look no further. This formula includes growth ingredients such Biotin and Black Castor Oil that not only grow your hair, but aid in length retention and damage repair. Our Rose Water Styling Gel in our Curls N Roses line is infused with Rose Water and Acai Berries for a medium hold, definition and shine. This is the perfect hold for those who are looking for something not too strong or soft curl. Lastly our Curl Bomb Moisturizing Styling Gel creates soft, touchable curls without the crunch. This formula is perfect for wash n go’s and moisture retention with hydrating ingredients such as olive oil and nettle leaf. 

Will you be trying our new MiraCurl Styling Gel?


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