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Your Wash ‘N Go doesn’t have to go so soon. Check out these 10 uses and benefits of Curl Refreshers to revive your dry and frizzy natural hair.

1. Refreshes and restores curls

Curls are instantly transformed with just a few sprays. Dull lifeless curls get an immediate reboot and are instantly renewed with our curl refresher.

2. Moisturizes beards and facial hair

Our curl refreshes also do wonders for men. Dry brittle facial hair gets an instant boost of drip-free moisture. Simply rub into mustaches and beards for light grease-free long-lasting moisture. A great way to refresh curls with oils is with our Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair and Body Serum.

3. After workout reviver

Often after workouts, our curls aren’t as vibrant. Curl refreshers liven up sweated out curls instantly. 

4. Leaves hair soft and manageable after washing

Wash day just got a little easier. After shampooing and conditioning hair spraying on a few sprays of our Curl Refresher gives hair an immediate softer feeling.

5. Reduces frizz

Let’s face it, frizz happens. Often times more frequently than any of us would like. Frizz is kept at bay with a few sprays of our curl refresher.

6. Extends curl life

Depending on your curl texture sometimes curls might not make it past a day or two. With a few sprays of water followed by our Sweet Honey Hair Milk, your 2nd day curls will bounce back to life.

7. Moisturizes scalp 

Dry scalp can be super irritating and cause flaking. The rose water and coconut oil-infused in our curl refresher help to cleanse and moisturize the scalp, preventing dryness.

8. Penetrates the hair shaft 

Coconut oil directly penetrates the hair shaft allowing for dry hair to be moisturized instantly.

9. On the go refreshing 

Whether the gym, work, school, or just your day to day life, this curl refresher is the perfect throw it in the bag size for on the go refreshing.

10. Scrunch it and forget it 

It doesn’t matter how busy your day has gotten or how crazy your curls are looking you literally just need to spray, scrunch and go about your day as our curl refresher does all of the work for you.


Will you be trying our curl refresher?

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