Why isn’t the Rose Water Curl Refresher part of Curls N’ Roses?

  • August 11, 2020
  • saurabh dwivedi

The Rose Water Curl Refresher was the eye-opening product that showed Chris-Tia and the team that there was a need for a lightweight solution to adding moisture and definition. Although Rose Water Curl Refresher gave us the idea to build Curls N Roses, we decided to keep Curl Refresher as is – because everyone loves it just the way it is. Whereas, we chose to add acai to the Curls N Roses line. Curls N Roses uses both rose water and acai berries to calm frizz and seal in moisture. Since Curls N Roses’ core ingredients include rose water and acai, the Rose Water Curl Refresher remained on a separate line.

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