What is low and high porosity hair and what are the best products to use in tgin collection?

  • August 11, 2020
  • saurabh dwivedi

Low porosity
When you have low porosity hair, your hair is moisture resistant. It takes a long time for the moisture to get in your hair but when it’s in, it’s in. When you use the wrong or too heavy products, you often get product buildup. Example: Your hair is oily but still feels dry.  Some people have this issue with Shea Butter.

The New Curls N Roses is perfect for low porosity hair because it has the right ingredients like rosewater to penetrate and adequately moisturize your hair without causing buildup.

High Porosity
When you have high porosity hair, your hair gets moisture fast but also loses it fast. This can be genetic but many times it’s due to damage from color or heat. You will have to moisturize your hair more often because it loses moisture quickly.

Our RepaiRx collection is perfect for high porosity hair and can help restore your hair if it’s damaged.

For more guidance on the best tgin products for your porosity level, check out our blog article.

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