tgin Holiday Gift Guide: What to Get The Friend Who Loves To Pamper Herself

  • Thank God Im Natural
  • December 19, 2019
  • Ashley

It could be your mother, aunt, cousin, best friend, or possibly even you, but you know exactly who I am talking about. She is the one that loves to pamper herself, has an on call massage therapist, is constantly trying the latest hair mask and Self-care Sunday is a religion that she practices every week!

You know exactly what to get this friend because she loves everything that has to do with taking care of her skin and body. Here are the top tgin products to gift this friend.

1. 6 pack of variety soaps

Nothing says day at the spa more than a 6 pack of our variety soaps. These shea butter based soaps have an amazing natural aroma that instantly transform your bathroom into a 5 star spa.

2. 3 Pack Variety Shea Butter 

Perfect for right after using our shea based soaps our heavenly scented shea butters will keep your loved ones skin super soft without the grease and smell amazing without the irritation.

3.  Honey Miracle Hair Mask

What better way to unwind than a nice deep condition? Our Honey Miracle Hair Mask gently detangles hair while drawing in moisture and restoring life to dry damaged hair.

Have you started your holiday shopping?

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