Rocking your TWA Natural Hair

  • hair + beauty
  • February 11, 2013
  • Ashley

We all have those moments when it feels like a “bad hair day.” For people who have recently big chopped and miss their length, learning to appreciate the easy styling and low maintenance of a TWA can take a while. With very short hair, it’s easy to feel bored with the style or to feel as though you need to over compensate with extra girly make up or wardrobe ensembles. If you are someone who struggles with feeling as beautiful as ever in your TWA, here are some tips to make styling more enjoyable and varied.

Head Scarves

Wrapping your hair will add a pop of color to your look and they’re fun and carefree. Play around with different styles of wrapping using different scarf shapes and lengths. The little time it takes to wrap your hair will help you feel like you’re “doing” your hair rather then just getting up and going.

Chunky Jewelry

Big earrings can completely change your look if you’re feeling bored with your style. Treat yourself to an accessory shopping spree. Taking time in the morning to pick out jewelry will make up for not having as many hair styling options.

The Halle Berry Pixie 

If you don’t mind using heat styling, straightening your TWA from time to time can give you a wider range of styling options for moments when you feel limited. The messy straight pixie also looks nice, so you won’t have to worry about touching up much throughout the week until your next wash, either.

 A Bold Lip

That hoard of impulsive make up buys you keep stowed away and never wear are perfect to start actually wearing when you have a TWA. A bright red or orange lip paired with your curly pixie will turn heads.


Sometimes all it takes is a fedora. (Loving the blue lace of this one!)

What are your favorite ways to style a TWA?

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