Natural Hair Trend Alert: Goddess Box Braids

  • Thank God Im Natural
  • April 1, 2020
  • Ashley

We’ve heard of goddess locs. We’ve heard of box braids, but the new trend is a creative mixture of the two. Goddess box braids combine goddess locs and box braids for a unique spin on the tried and true box braids.

Goddess box braids are basicallly regualr box braids until you get to the ends of the hair which are either completely loose or a combination of loose ends and braided ends.

Either you can feed the hair of your choice into the very bottom of the braids or braid it all the way through.

Goddess box braids last just as long as regular box braids and add a fun twist to the traditional style.

Check out Glam By Merry showing us how to do this style!

Will you be trying goddess box braids?

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