Five Must Try Summer Hair Color Trends for 2015

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  • July 17, 2015
  • Ashley

Summer is the perfect time to finally test out that funky hairstyle and/or color you’ve been dying to try. You know us…always on the look out for the latest hair trends and lately we’ve been noticing these gorgeous dye techniques and colors everywhere–and can’t get enough! If you’re looking to switch up your look this summer, we suggest giving one of these 5 hot summer colors of 2015 a try.


Babylights are the soft and subtle highlights that are deliberately painted on by the stylist to mimick the natural highlights you might have had when you were a kid playing in the summer sun. A great way to add a bit of color without straying too far from your natural tones.

548a16518e5cf_-_rbk-2015-hair-color-trends-halle-berry-s2Photo courtesy of

T+Mobile+Magenta+Carpet+NBA+Star+Game+Arrivals+dWFugzFpdntlPhoto courtesy of


We’ve been noticing a lot of hair so black, it’s blue! Or maybe so blue it’s black. Eithe way, it’s gorgeous. No matter how deep or subtle you go with the blue undertones, blue hues paired with jet black are always flawless.

Rihanna-Blue-Black-HairPhoto courtesy of

1bfbed8268863828195491744c7d9baaPhoto courtesy of


Women old and young are embracing gray hair! We’ve spotted gray hair on all ages and all styles. We love how it looks on a chunky twist out as well as locs, twists, and braids.

2015-Hair-Color-Trends-For-Black-Women-4Photo courtesy of

76510037989d319badb621ec5ba7d033Photo courtesy of


Ash tones are hard to achieve on dark hair, but if you can get the look, it looks great! To upkeep the ash tones and avoid bronze, use purple shampoos, purple conditioners, and blue/purple toners to balance the red and orange undertones. Even though it’s a tough color to master, we think it looks great on most skin tones!

7067622_f520Photo courtesy of

c3d1ae1d5ca92ba16d9f1dead2e1f9acPhoto courtesy of


We’ve spotted rosy golden locs on all hair types lately. This is a great color for summer and since this color maintains bronze undertones, you won’t have to worry about as much damage as you would with platinum blonde.

Auburn-Gold-Natural-Curls-HairstylePhoto courtesy of

Which of these summer hair color trends are you dying to try this season?

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