Skin care Tips for Fall

  • Thank God Im Natural
  • October 20, 2020
  • Ashley

Fall is here ladies and it’s time to get your skin in order. With the changes in weather comes the need for changes in your skin care routine.  Get the skin you deserve with tgin!


Before you do anything it’s imperative to start with clean, smooth skin. Our African Black Soap with activated charcoal helps to deeply detox skin, helping to alleviate dirt, debris, and impurities from skin.

2. Treat

We have some amazing serums to not only treat your hair but also your body. Our tea tree, coconut, and argan oils are amazing for keeping skin detoxed, moisturized and well nourished.

3. Moisturize

In the fall it’s important to add a thicker moisturizer to your skin care routine. Our shea butters are highly effective at keeping skin moisturized and protected. In addition to being a natural sun protectant, shea butter protects the hands, feet, and overall body and is great for treating blemishes, rashes, eczema psoraisis, cuts, and overall dry skin.

What’s your go-to tgin body care product?

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