5 Reasons to Take a Break from Social Media

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  • July 19, 2018
  • Ashley


Recently I’ve noticed a ton of friends absence from social media or have seen status updates of them announcing their return to social media after a fast or break from the digital world. As engaging as social media can be at times it’s important to also take time away from it to appreciate some of the many things you miss out on when your head is in the clouds, here are five reasons you should take a break from social media.

1. Real human interaction 

When is the last time you actually had a real talk with friends or family members? I mean actually heard their voice – not talked to them via Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. Stepping away from social media forces us to actually pick up the phone and call or go visit loved ones. Without seeing the latest updates from friends, family, old acquaintances or classmates would you know what was going on in their lives? Most of us would not. Remember everyone doesn’t post every important moment of their lives online and sometimes can be going through pretty rough moments privately. Taking the time to reach out to those that cross your mind can help you to build bonds and repair relationships.

2. Focusing on goals 

It’s no secret that social media can be distracting. One minute you’re checking your Facebook the next minute your looking at your coworker’s, sister’s, husband’s, cousin’s, wedding pictures. Just like when you make a quick stop to Target expecting to only get one item and walk out with 20, sometimes social media can send you on a spiral that lasts several hours on a path to nowhere. Alleviating social media opens up tons of free time to focus on what truly matters — your goals. Think of all of the time you will have to get projects done that you claim you never have time to do, or simply work towards completing more goals.

3. Less Comparisons 

Seeing the hundreds of thousands of high light reels on social media can sometimes be devastating. You start feeling a little less proud of your workout when you see women with what appear to be perfect bodies on Instagram, you roll your eyes at your “mom” car when you see that your high school classmate just got another new luxury car and you side eye your boyfriend after you scroll past engagement and wedding announcements on Facebook. Social media is a great way for people to share their latest news, but it can also cause anxiety and low self esteem when you least expect it. You begin comparing your life to others subconsciously and the great day that you thought you were having starts to feel not so great. Even though our whole lives we’ve heard never to judge a book by it’s cover and the grass is never greener on the other side, it sure still makes us peek over there and wish it was ours. Breaking from social media can allow you to get back to what is important and allows you to focus on yourself and the things that mean the most to you and your closest relationships.

4. Mental Clarity 

Not everything we see on social media has us wanting to buy a Bentley or get engaged, some things are downright heartbreaking. With so much going on in the world, sometimes stepping away from the computer and the hundreds of pictures, videos and statuses that bring negativity will allow you to clear your mind and simply focus on the good. When negative images are drilled into your mind via social media, it can affect you subconsciously and even cause depression. Closing the apps and simply taking a break will allow you the time to center your mind and thoughts on positivity allowing you to maintain a clear mind.

5. More Energy 

Did you know sitting in front of a computer for hours can actually drain your energy? If you are already using a computer for work then coming home and spending hours on social media you are not only wasting hours you could be being active, you are also draining your energy. By taking a break from social media you will have more time to workout which in turn gives you more energy as opposed to draining it. So not only will you have more time on your hands, your body will also thank you for stretching those muscles and getting in shape, sounds like a win-win situation!

Have you ever taken a break from social media?

Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, residing in Los Angeles! Follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet, twitter and personal blog why I Waited

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