5 Natural Hairstyles Perfect For Work

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  • September 10, 2018
  • Ashley

While every job is different and each one has their own set of guidelines for dress code and style at work from more laxed jobs that encourage creativity to corporate America jobs that may have a more strict approach to employees personal style,  it’s important to have a few go-to hairstyles that are both professional and protective friendly. After all you dont want to be playing in your hair all day at work or having to worry about getting up super early just to style it.

These five natural hair styles are great for work and easy to achieve.

1.The crown braid 

This crown braid is both easy to achieve and also a great protective style. If your job is more lax and allows creativity when it comes to your personal style feel free to add jewels to your hair. If not this style is also super cute with just the braids.

2. High Bun 

Nothing says professional like a high bun especially paired with a cute pair of pearl earrings or diamond studs. High buns are great for work and for getting work done without wanting to play in your hear or search for split ends when you get bored.

3. Twisted Bun 

If you’re already rocking a protective style like box braids or faux locs  a low twisted bun is a cute and professional style for work that you can wear for days.

4. Wash n’ Go 

While it may not be best to wear a wash n’ go every single day at work just do to maintenance it is a cute style to wear every once in a while.

5. Pinned Twists 

Jazz up your twist out with this cute pinned style. If you twist your hair the night before and it’s still damp or you simply want to add a little flare to your hairstyle try adding a few pins to your twists.

How will you be styling your hair for work?

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