3 Ways to Know If Your Workout Working

  • health + fitness
  • June 24, 2012
  • Ashley

1. Body Measurements Using a tape measure to track your progress is probably my #1 tip for anyone trying to figure out if their workout is effective. The basic places to measure progress are: bust, chest, waist and hips. I’d also add in the low waist (this is just below your waist where “love handles” reside lol) and thighs to the list. For more info on how to measure yourself click here. 2. Keeping a Gym Log / Using Mobile Apps There are a TON of new applications you can add to your mobile device to track your workouts (and even to create new workouts for you!). MyFitnessPal is a great one but there are many others. If you don’t have a mobile device, a good old notebook and pencil are more than enough. Be sure to document how much weight you’re lifting, how many reps and ease/difficulty. If you’re tracking cardio, focus on your pacing and length of your cardio sessions. Over time, you’ll be able to see the increase in your the weight you lift / toughness of your cardio workouts! 3. Take Photos of Yourself Taking photos of your body is another great way to track your fitness progress. While it’s not nearly as exact as measurements, it helps give you an idea of how much your body has changed. If you go this route, consider taking the pictures in form-fitting clothing or, if you’re feeling brave, in your undies! Having those pictures will also be a great motivator to stay on the fitness wagon! -CFC

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