25 Transition Styles for Natural Hair

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  • February 2, 2015
  • Ashley

We know you should never say never…but it’s safe to say that you never really have to do the ‘big chop’ in order to go from relaxed or chemically treated to natural hair. If you take great care of your fragile relaxed ends and ‘scab hair’ (where the relaxed hair meets your natural hair), than it is very possible to gradually transition and grow your hair out until you’re ready to cut off the ends.

Even though transitioning slowly from relaxed to natural is always a possibility, it is not always very easy. That is why we’ve rounded up these 25 hot styles for natural transitioning hair. Blend two textures and look fab all in one effortless style:

00bddff477c0eb650aa1761e00b1b0bcPhoto courtesy of curlynikki.com

1. The classic twist out

07f5609e8f2805d0e0bce8aafd5a8dd4Photo courtesy of bombshellssonly.tumblr.com

2. Curlformers set

4ade1013cfc8c953467fc80e361371c1Photo courtesy of afrodesiacworldwide.tumblr.com

3. Chunky French side braid

7a10f86384dfcfe86d38c7e4a85d48adPhoto courtesy of blackhairinformation.com

4. Curl rod set

bwPhoto courtesy of youtube.com/jessicapettway

5. Effortless beach waves

View full tutorial here.

9de35902ba0b9311f445a7815bce7472Photo courtesy of hercampus.com

6. Small to medium sized roller set

9128394bbb36a5be852ff7383ae9f27ePhoto courtesy of blackgirllonghair.com

7. Top knot

0aac887e6e42c836bb60cfcafde17cfcPhoto courtesy of hair2mesmerize.tumblr.com

8. Large roller set

67aa016687f876f6273d75a89ce70878Photo courtesy of popsugar.com

9. Braided crown

8851de591056a9d035ee1a2c9b12ef2bPhoto courtesy of blackgirllonghair.com

10. Flat twist halo

9b57e09dbbc6ffe0f83fd9df4d74a242Photo courtesy of buzzfeed.com

11. Curly updo with curly side bangs

favPhoto courtesy of youtube.com/tiffanynicholsdesign

12. Chunky twisted updo

See full tutorial here.

c8b2dadf5dc676de187a4f1cfff4207cPhoto courtesy of blackhairinformation.com

13. Scarf updo

ba0a1fb3379cfbd74a228c1d7c16f426Photo courtesy of destinyconnect.com

14. Curls on straightened hair (involves heat)

9645e23ff1937053981cadf340195384Photo courtesy of blackgirllonghair.com

15. Flat twisted updo 

2f472d3615b405d81b4aa81aa189a5d7Photo courtesy of blackgirllonghair.com

16. Simple braided bun with statement headband

572aa1b49549aeb09dcc3358361f7ed7Photo courtesy of dailymakeover.com

17. Kerry Washington Chignon

357886d142e0b8caf032c4da75aa91a4Photo courtesy of longhaircareforum.com

18. Mini Twists

2434a29370442456d147c6bd9d89ce56Photo courtesy of examiner.com

19. Braided bangs

414aa867ceadf9c0d659afa83b5a29bcPhoto courtesy of blackgirllonghair.com

20. Twisted Pompadour

414aa867ceadf9c0d659afa83b5a29bcPhoto courtesy of blackgirllonghair.com

21. Twisted Pompadour

d80ac9ba54f566256190cebaa24d4942Photo courtesy of sinavirginhair.com

22. Blow out half do with top knot

21e30736eadb02554784767f05b4209dPhoto courtesy of buzzfeed.com

23. Flat twists

b5864516c8b798b94a4f44f778789dc2Photo courtesy of thefashiontime.com

24. Zoe Saldana chunky braid with side bangs (on straightened hair)

5845e6b07f66692b1a7591c0765be2b7Photo courtesy of blackgirllonghair.com

25. Milk Maid Braids

Which of these transition styles are you dying to try?

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