25 Natural Hair Bridal Styles for Your Wedding Day

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  • June 1, 2017
  • Ashley

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It is never too early to start seriously planning and thinking (ok, daydreaming for some of us…) about big hair for your big day. How you choose to style your hair on your wedding day is, of course, completely up to you. However, if you’re debating whether to go with a straight style, weave, wig, or keep it au natural — these 25 gorgeous natural styles just might persuade you to rock those roots your mama gave you! At least they have us swooning…

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1. Wash and Go with Chunky Bangs – don’t forget the  pretty flower crown!

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2. Pinned Updo with Loose Waves and Pinned Side Bang

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3. Beach Waves – this look can be achieved with or without heat!

114b567b9f62f4630077731e619f8b8dPhoto courtesy of offbeatbride.com

4. Tight Coily Updo 

aa11dfa31393da461f82fa99e2568505Photo courtesy of blackgirllonghair.com

5. Natural Wash and Go  — Topped with a veil and/or hat

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6. Wavy Pin Curl Updo

6936a9e8e1798d4310ce2135adedf201Photo courtesy of sandalsweddingblog.com

7. Layered TWA with Floral Headband

0e001e18ad194f8f3895e6a15556bd4dPhoto courtesy of munaluchibridal.com

8. Flat Twisted Crown and Veil

f28768ef73aa4b0cbcdc26b97476eea1Photo courtesy of munaluchibridal.com

9. Chunky Coils 

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10. Twisted Side Bang Updo

38473022d72cb9fcf70e247fb0d9f8d8Photo courtesy of blackgirllonghair.com

11. Chunky Twist and Pin

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12. Toussled French Roll

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13. Braided Bun

417e6b9393fb0b896af5164a6dae667cPhoto courtesy of munaluchibridal.com

15. Messy Half Ponytail

c291e33b951fb5fb0f1177dcace63637Photo courtesy of blackgirllonghair.com

16. Petite Pompadour 

1fe7b103c6c1f5f21d6bba8513c519e0Photo courtesy of munaluchibridal.com

17. Wash and Go with Stretched Hair — might need some heat.

3f8e52459b92160d8f9eb01c70fbbf57Photo courtesy of brides.com

18. Low Bun

6bef844c7348e3035bdbcc80a43c9e2cPhoto courtesy of munaluchibridal.com

19. Side Bun with Twisted Crown

9a4380a52469153635c77e4cc064ea71Photo courtesy of blackgirllonghair.com

20. Roller Set Loose Curls

8ee0b1c37a907adf361bd86233795b5cPhoto courtesy of whowhatwear.com

21. Solange’s Textured Afro — dig out your pick…and start picking!

f5629fa409deeb050eee3fcca143710dPhoto courtesy of lovemydress.net

22. Half ‘Faux-hawk’ — pinned back with flower clip

3eb6b867f7f281428b1e2efd40722e83Photo courtesy of asiamayy.tumblr.com

23. Oversized Bun on Blown out Hair

0c1c224c1d37a2e250886ba24b0faaa6Photo courtesy of thelingerieaddict.com

24. Afro with Flat Twisted Side Bang

fc4d3a888414c415ccde7aef0d5fba19Photo courtesy of bridalmusings.com

25. TWA with Hints of Highlights

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