10 Super Last Minute Natural Hair Halloween Costumes

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  • October 24, 2019
  • Ashley

Whether halloween completely snuck up on you and you didn’t get a chance to get a real costume, or your girls invited you out at the very last minute we have got you covered. Here are 10 super last minute halloween looks that are natural hair approved.

1.A lion 

Tease those curls, draw on a nose and maybe some whiskers and call it a day for this super easy lion look.

2. Bantu Knots From Black Panther 

While the costume may be a little more difficult to find its so easy to throw your hair in some bantu knots like Tracee Ellis Ross did with her Grownish costar.

3. Susie Carmichael 

Who didn’t love Rugrats growing up? These ponytails are so easy and fun to recreate.

4. Crazy Eyes

If you’re a fan of Orange is The New Black then you are well familiar with Crazy Eyes. Here is another simple bantu knot look you can do and the outfit is pretty easy to pull off as well.

5. Barbie

Who didn’t want to be barbie growing up? Throw your hair in a fro and put on all pink and you have just recreated the iconic barbie look.

6. Felicia from Friday

What is easier to pull off than Felicia from Friday? Simply throw your hair in some braids throw on an oversized polo and khakis and boom, bye Felicia!

7. Penny Proud 

Another super easy and cute last minute costume that works perfectly with natural hair is the legendary Penny Proud.

8. Harley Quinn

Who Said Harley Quinn can’t be natural? All you need is a little eyeshadow to create the dyed look and two ponytails to do the rest.

9. Justice from Poetic Justice 

If you already have braids this look is simple to pull off. Just throw your hair in a ponytial wrap it up and viola you’ve got your poetic justice look.

10. SZA

Stretched hair and a few butterfly clips are all you need to recreate this iconic SZA look.

What will you be for halloween this year?

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