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tgin at the Natural Hair Academy Paris

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Paris is always a good idea, and this month tgin will be in the City of Lights.
The NHA event is in its 6th year and brings together thousands of women who attend hair tutorials and see the latest products for natural hair.
Last year Chimole Williams, the co-founder of the Natural Hair Academy told, “This is such an event for the diaspora. All of the African women are here, the Caribbean women are here, American women— they’re all mixed in and blended. They bring their own different flavor.”
Paris is known for its fashion, its art, and its food, and now its growing natural hair community. Our founder and CEO Chris-Tia Donaldson can’t wait to meet all of the naturalistas and introduce them to tgin. We’re excited to see the natural hair scene in Paris and feel the love. It’s going to be magnifique!
It all happens June 10th at Parc floral de Paris.
For more details and tickets check out the Natural Hair Academy at
We hope to see you there!

25 Natural Hair Bridal Styles for Your Wedding Day

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f7a70d80d437feabba19cb6e8e886573Photo courtesy

It is never too early to start seriously planning and thinking (ok, daydreaming for some of us…) about big hair for your big day. How you choose to style your hair on your wedding day is, of course, completely up to you. However, if you’re debating whether to go with a straight style, weave, wig, or keep it au natural — these 25 gorgeous natural styles just might persuade you to rock those roots your mama gave you! At least they have us swooning…

68e0c3b9e4bdc5ff06fda6ad1ca401f6Photo courtesy of

1. Wash and Go with Chunky Bangs – don’t forget the  pretty flower crown!

9b57e09dbbc6ffe0f83fd9df4d74a242Photo courtesy of

2. Pinned Updo with Loose Waves and Pinned Side Bang

2e351b13c53919fffab97a7812934e37Photo courtesy of

3. Beach Waves – this look can be achieved with or without heat!

114b567b9f62f4630077731e619f8b8dPhoto courtesy of

4. Tight Coily Updo 

aa11dfa31393da461f82fa99e2568505Photo courtesy of

5. Natural Wash and Go  — Topped with a veil and/or hat

321cfeaa8e687b27bba45d6ab6e2d09dPhoto courtesy of

6. Wavy Pin Curl Updo

6936a9e8e1798d4310ce2135adedf201Photo courtesy of

7. Layered TWA with Floral Headband

0e001e18ad194f8f3895e6a15556bd4dPhoto courtesy of

8. Flat Twisted Crown and Veil

f28768ef73aa4b0cbcdc26b97476eea1Photo courtesy of

9. Chunky Coils 

1b65e6b7a536630d7183b3a9f8b1f8e5Photo courtesy of

10. Twisted Side Bang Updo

38473022d72cb9fcf70e247fb0d9f8d8Photo courtesy of

11. Chunky Twist and Pin

1e69d42d6929fac99a9861cd33879eacPhoto courtesy of

12. Toussled French Roll

6e6db72e9e2ebc9b74325d35295c594dPhoto courtesy of

13. Braided Bun

417e6b9393fb0b896af5164a6dae667cPhoto courtesy of

15. Messy Half Ponytail

c291e33b951fb5fb0f1177dcace63637Photo courtesy of

16. Petite Pompadour 

1fe7b103c6c1f5f21d6bba8513c519e0Photo courtesy of

17. Wash and Go with Stretched Hair — might need some heat.

3f8e52459b92160d8f9eb01c70fbbf57Photo courtesy of

18. Low Bun

6bef844c7348e3035bdbcc80a43c9e2cPhoto courtesy of

19. Side Bun with Twisted Crown

9a4380a52469153635c77e4cc064ea71Photo courtesy of

20. Roller Set Loose Curls

8ee0b1c37a907adf361bd86233795b5cPhoto courtesy of

21. Solange’s Textured Afro — dig out your pick…and start picking!

f5629fa409deeb050eee3fcca143710dPhoto courtesy of

22. Half ‘Faux-hawk’ — pinned back with flower clip

3eb6b867f7f281428b1e2efd40722e83Photo courtesy of

23. Oversized Bun on Blown out Hair

0c1c224c1d37a2e250886ba24b0faaa6Photo courtesy of

24. Afro with Flat Twisted Side Bang

fc4d3a888414c415ccde7aef0d5fba19Photo courtesy of

25. TWA with Hints of Highlights

Dora Sobze is a PR associate, writer, and social media strategist by day — and freelance blogger by night. If you’re feeling crafty, hungry, stylish, or in need of natural hair tips, check out her blog or for her latest spinach recipes. Chat with her on twitter @la_ti_doe 

tgin Introduces two new Products for Natural Hair

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Here at tgin we’ve been working hard. and we have some exciting news, to share with you. We want to introduce you to two new products in our Moist Collection.
curl bomb and edge
The first product is tgin Curl Bomb Curl Definer Moisturizing Styling Gel , a unique formula that aids in moisture retention, while providing long lasting curl definition. You can create soft touchable curls without the crunch using tgin Curl Bomb without parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors, or animal testing.
Our second product is tgin Smooth & Hold Edge Control. Infused with Vitamin E and castor oil this nutrient rich formula promotes hair growth and holds edges in place without building up and flaking.  Perfect for creating sleek styles, polished ponytails, and tapered cuts. Great for natural & relaxed hair!
You can purchase these two new products right here in the tgin online store, Amazon, Select Sallys beauty supply store, Target, Walgreens, CVS and your local beauty supply.

Will you be purchasing the two latest additions to add to your tgin collection?
We can’t wait for you to try them. We know you’ll love them.
Thank you for your support over the years.

5 Benefits of Pre-pooing Natural Hair

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Pre-poo or pre-shampooing is excellent for helping to grow and condition natural hair. Pre-pooing is basically prepping your hair to be washed as well as adding a little bit of extra conditioning to it before the shampoo and conditioner is added. Pre-pooing can aid in restoring, and strengthening hair as well as length retention. Here are 5 benefits of pre-pooing your natural hair.
1. Adds Shine 
It is no secret that curly hair can lack shine. The natural oils our hair produces can take a longer time to travel down curly hair strands than straight hair causing natural hair to be more prone to dryness. Pre-poo treatments can help add moisture and shine to dry tendrils. Treatments that contain coconut oil are perfect for this because coconut oil is able to deeply penetrate the hair shaft locking in much needed moisture.
2. Detangles 
If you’ve recently taken down a protective style or your hair just needs a little extra detangling pre-pooing is a great idea! Pre-pooing can help loosen curls and make the detangling process much easier. Pre-poo treatments that contain flaxseed gel can help loosen tendrils easily allowing you to detangle far before the conditioning process.
3. Fights Breakage
Pre-pooing can help add the extra strength your hair is lacking. Avocado, coconut and almond oil help to strengthen strands alleviating excessive breakage.
4. Adds Protein
If your hair has been lacking protein lately a pre-poo will definitely help. Protein treatments help to not only add protein to your hair but also improve elasticity, and reconstruct the hair structure. Olive oil, mayonnaise and honey are a few ingredients to add to your pre-poo protein treatment for optimal results.
5. Makes Hair More Manageable
If styling your natural hair tends to be a struggle for you, a pre-poo can definitely fix that problem. Pre-poos help to ensure the hair is softer, detangled and overall easier to maintain. Olive oil is a great ingredient to add to your pre-poo for easier manageability.
Be sure to shampoo and condition with tgin’s Moisture Rich Sulfate Free Shampoo and Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner after you rinse out your pre-poo.
What is your favorite pre-poo?
Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician,makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago,residing in Los Angeles! Follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet 

5 Benefits of Shea butter for Natural Hair

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Cup of shea butter with shea nuts
Shea butter is in many natural hair products these days and for good reason! Shea butter has tons of benefits and uses for natural hair as well as skin! We have an amazing shea butter that works perfectly for keeping the skin moisturized throughout the year as well! Here are five reasons why we absolutely love shea butter!
1. Protects Hair Against The Sun 
Too much sun exposure can be drying as well as damaging to hair as well as skin. Shea butter is a natural SPF and protects against harmful sun rays. Applying a small amount of Shea butter to your hair before going out in the sun is great for your hair.
2. Softens Hair
Shea butter softens even the toughest, driest hair. A small amount of Shea butter added to the hair can add much needed moisture while softening dry, brittle hair, which can help reduce split ends.
3. Seals Moisture 
Natural hair can quickly lose moisture especially during the winter. Adding Shea butter after applying a liquid hair product or oil locks and seals in the moisture making natural hair buttery soft.
4. Scalp Therapy
Shea butter moisturizes and doesn’t clog pores so it is excellent to use as scalp therapy. Shea butter can be combined with coconut oil as well as essential oils to make the perfect scalp treatment.
5. Hot Oil Treatment 
If you are looking to add moisture and shine to your hair, hot oil treatments using Shea butter are perfect. Simply heat the butter until it is melted, allow to cool off, then apply to your hair for 15-30 minutes then rinse and style.
Have you tried Shea butter in your natural hair routine?
Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician,makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago,residing in Los Angeles! Follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet 

Flat Twist Out Tutorial on Dry Natural Hair Using tgin

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The twist out is a staple hair style for us naturals, but sometimes you need to change things up.
One of our favorite vloggers NappyFu has come to the rescue with a fab flat twist out video on dry hair using tgin. It’s a great way to create a long lasting style between wash days and we love the definition. Check it out!

Will you be trying this style?

10 Nail Designs Perfect for Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s day is right around the corner ladies! You might have the perfect outfit, hairstyle and shoes but one must never forget about the nails! Clean, polished and beautiful nails add the final touch to any ensemble, especially special occasions. Here are our ten favorite nails designs for Valentine’s Day.
1. French Manicure 
Nothing says classic beauty more than the french manicure. The french manicure is classic, beautiful and clean. It will give you an innocent and sophisticated look while not taking the attention away from your outfit!
2. Red Nails 
Red nails are sexy, timeless and daring! If you are looking for a sexy and clean look, try red nails for vday!
3. Nude
Nude nails are perfect for any day but for valentines day they are especially cute. Nude nails are subtle and won’t be too distracting, perfect for a bold outfit.
4. Pink Nails
Pink nails are flirty, fun and refreshing. Grab your favorite pink nail polish and get ready for some fun with your sweetie.
5. Black Nails 
Black nails are daring and mysterious! If you are going for an intriguing look for your night out, definitely try black nails!
6. Simple Nail Design 
If you want to add a little design to your nails without going over the top, this marble look is perfect. This looks adds a little flavor without going over the top.
7.Love Nails
Nothing says love, well better than love! This cute design will spell out exactly how you feel on this lovers holiday!
8. Half Matte Nails 
This matte mixture is not only gorgeous it’s unique. These nails will set off your overall look for a breathtaking finish.
9. Heart Nail Designs 
If you want to keep your nails sexy with a little bit of cute, this nail design is perfect for you! Add a heart to one nail keep the rest simple. Your date will love it!
10. Jeweled Nails
Add a cute jewelry accent to your nails for additional flare! These nails are the epitome of girly and fun!
How will you be rocking your nails this Valentine’s Day?
Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician,makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago,residing in Los Angeles! Follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet 

5 Benefits of Steaming Natural Hair

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Steaming natural hair has become exceedingly popular within the last few years. Steaming natural hair helps restore lost moisture back into the hair as well as helps products penetrate the hair! We are loving the Huetiful steamer and  Q-Redew. Check out the benefits  of steaming natural hair below.
1. Opens the Hair Cuticle
Steaming the hair allows the hair cuticle to lift or open to easily allow products to penetrate the hair, giving your hair the nutrients it needs to get into the hair strands.
2. Eliminates Dry Hair 
One of the most obvious and immediate benefits of steaming hair is eliminating dry hair. By steaming your hair you are adding moisture to dry, damaged hair strands.
3. Convenience 
Ditch the plastic bag and hour under the hair dryer. Steaming your hair does not require a plastic bag and 10 minutes is really all you need to get noticeable results.
4. Strengthens Hair 
If your hair has been dry, damaged, or weak, steaming your hair can help. Steaming hair helps strengthen it by adding moisture to rebuild elasticity to keep hair from breaking.
5. Renews Curls 
Steaming hair helps to revive curls, and enhance their natural appearance. Think beautiful, soft, moisturized curls!
Have you tried steaming your natural hair?
Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago,residing in Los Angeles! Follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet

7 Foods That Stop Hair Growth

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As naturals we have many things to worry about when it comes to our hair, and growth. We try dozens of different products  to find the golden one that works just right for us. We obsess over length, and pitch a fit when our stylist cuts off one inch too much! One factor many naturals have not included in the journey to long hair, that could be stopping their hair from growing to its full potential, diet. What we put into our bodies is even more important than what we put on our bodies. Here are seven foods that could be stopping your hair from growing!
1. Alcohol
Alcohol consumption raises the level of estrogen we have in our body, which can cause hair loss. Alcohol also lowers the levels of zinc in our body which is needed for hair growth, which can stunt hair growth. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to less hair growth, as well as excessive hair loss. Drinking occasionally is fine, however excessive alcohol consumption is bad for your hair, body, and overall health.
2. Carbonated Drinks 
Caffeine and sugar filled carbonated drinks can be very detrimental when it comes to your hair growth. Soft drinks contain excessively high amounts of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, as well as caffeine that all contribute to drying out hair and skin. Natural hair is already dry due to the time its takes natural oils to travel down the scalp. When you add caffeine and sugar filled drinks to the mix, it is a recipe for disaster. To avoid excessive dryness, and hair loss avoid drinking soft drinks on a regular basis.
3. High Fructose Corn Syrup
hfcsYou probably aren’t consuming high fructose corn syrup on its own, but it is in just about every processed junk food and sugary drink there is. Large consumption of high fructose corn syrup can cause serious health issues and hair loss.
4. Sugar 
Having large amounts of sugar in your diet can cause the bacteria in your body to be off balanced. Not enough of the good bacteria our bodies need can cause hair to stop growing, as well as thin and fall out.
5. White Rice
White rice is a food that has high glycemic-index which creates excessive amounts of insulin in the body which can result in hair loss. Opt for less rice or brown rice instead.
6. White Bread
White bread also falls  under the high glycemic-index . If you can, avoid bread as much as possible. If you absolutely have to have  bread, opt for wheat bread.
7. Salt
Salt contains a ton of sodium, which can cause hair to shed, as well as a slew of health issues. Try to ingest less salt. The Institute of Medicine recommends 1500 mg of sodium per day. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.
Here are a few articles you need to check out!

Will you be eliminating these foods from your diet?
Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, follow her on Instagram @Ashleyvsrenee!

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