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Five Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

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One thing I have been doing a lot of lately, is waking up super early. With all of the many blessings that have come with me obtaining Target, comes a lot of early mornings, and late nights. It is imperative for me to stay energized throughout the day. I find myself drinking lemon water a lot these days and for good reason. Lemon water has so many great benefits, and I am loving the results!

Here are the top benefits of drinking lemon water!


1. Brain Boost
Yes! Lemons actually help your brain function. The potassium found in lemons increases the functionality of your brain. Foods rich in potassium give you a clear mind, and allow you to perform at your best.


2. Weight Loss
Who doesn’t want to shed a few pounds? The lemon in water, helps you feel more full,than just drinking water, so you are less likely to binge on breakfast. Lemon also contains pectin fiber. Pectin fiber helps stop hunger cravings.


3. Healthy immune system
Being a business owner, the last thing I can afford to do is get sick! Lemon juice contains loads of vitamin c, which helps to fight against sickness and stress.


4. Keeps your skin clear
I’m out and about a lot and run into a lot of people! Keeping my skin clear,and appearance on point is not only important to me, but to my brand. Lemons are great for skin in general. The antioxidants in lemons help fight against acne, wrinkles, and can be applied directly to age spots and scarring, to help fade them, and even out your appearance.


5. System cleanse


If you are looking for a good cleanse, lemon is perfect. Lemons help get rid of any toxins in your system, and gives your body an overall cleanse!
Will you be trying lemon water?

Target Launch: Blood, Sweat, Tears AND a Ton of Papework

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Getting into Target has been one of the most amazing things to have happened to me in the longest time, but its also has been one of the most stressful. On March 1, 2015, you can find us in over 250 Target stores nationwide and on starting today.
silvr Target IGv2_2 (1)
We received the news nearly six months ago, but I decided that I had to keep this one close to the vest. The only people that I pretty much told were my dad, my assistant (she had a lot of stuff to order), and the vendors that had to know. Everyone knows I’m an extremely private person to begin with, but when one of the biggest opportunities of my life landed in my lap after 10 years of planning, I just knew deep down inside that the only voice that mattered was my own. I also didn’t want my friends, love ones, and mentors to get me excited, and ask tons of questions, or do the “when you’re in Target . . “, when there was still a ton of work to be done.
Ditto for my employees.  It was like good morning guys, we need to make XX,000 honey miracles by X date. No explanations. Get to work. And, oh it better be perfect.
I get the whole enjoy the moment thing, but I haven’t and won’t celebrate until we execute this first purchase order flawlessly and get paid for it.


It’s funny, because I think being a corporate lawyer prepared me for this.  During the Target process, I literally had to gather almost every single piece of paper that was connected to my business since I gave birth to this thing like 10 years ago. And guess what, sometimes electronic copies or unsigned copies are not good enough. I’m talking about originals with actual signatures.
Back when I worked at a big law firm, I ran deals and collected the same paperwork for people that I’m now gathering for myself. I remember how I used to look at the business people who I worked til midnight for and think, I want to be like you and go home at 6 o’clock and have dinner with my family instead of sitting here at my desk eating Chinese takeout. Ha, the joke was on me. But here I am still burning the midnight oil,  submitting ingredient certifications, modeling financial projections, responding to UCC lien requests, and explaining to my landlord that if we’re not successful, I needed him to sign a letter stating that the “angels” could come in and lock me out of my factory and repossess our handheld mixers, and crock pots, etc.
But that’s not all, the “angels” also need a life insurance policy, just in case I die, and a vial of blood. Oh, yeah, and a drug test. I kid you friggin not.
Hence the Blood

The look on my face says it all.  Is this really necessary?

The stress
I have been through some pretty stressful situations, but I’m an amazing delegator. But this time, I had to really roll up my sleeves and go all in, because everything was so time sensitive. And the sooner we deliver, the sooner we get paid. Who doesn’t want to look like the knocked FY2014 out the park. If, however, you’re not on top of your game and things get delayed, it could put off you getting paid, and make you look like you lost a ton of money at the end of the year due to all the inventory purchases. As part of this process, you have no control over everyone’s delivery schedule.  Good luck trying to find a warehouses that has fifty thousand Boston round 12 oz bottles lying around, and that will ship to you on less than 6 weeks notice. And yeah those shiny silver caps that make us look luxe cost a fortune, the lead time is super long, so we had to go out and see if we could fine another supplier to help us make our deadline.
As a result, stressed out is not even the word.  I’m struggling to make it to the gym 3x a week, and return phone calls, because as my friends know I have been sans cell phone for 10 days.  That’s why when I come home, I just want to be told what to do. I have absolutely no desire to boss anyone around.
And the Tears
The bible says, “Weeping may endureth for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” I’m not a crier. Ish happens to me and I hold it all in. I’m just built that way. But lately, there are times, when I do get a little excited and well up just a little thinking about what the future could possibly bring, not just for me and my family, but for my employees, and OUR community.
It’s a beautiful thing when I think about how this opportunity is bigger than hair and how us getting put on has enabled some of my employees to learn, yes I said learn, how to use a computer, or for people who were not given a chance to truly live up to their potential, because they didn’t go to the right school or have the right breaks. I’m not going to lie, I also feel like crying, because I get stressed out, thinking about all we have to do, trying to figure out how to balance it all, and not knowing what the future holds. Everyday, I feel a little bit, wait no a lot out of control. It’s like I can do everything I’m supposed to do, and this still not turn out right. Something could go wrong with production. Our labels may show up wrong (they actually did). My money may not come through. It’s a lot of moving pieces, and it can be an emotional roller coaster. At this point, I just have to let it go, and trust in the lord. If it’s for me, it’s meant to be. If not, God has other plans.

Pass the tissue, please!

But, we’re claiming victory. We ARE BLESSED. WE ARE excited. We didn’t come to play. We came to WIN and no matter what happens, we we’re in the building. Special, thanks to my dad for always believing in me, my friends for accepting me for who I am, my team for remaining committed to the idea of excellence, our customers for their support, and to all of you who just stick by me in this journey.
If I can ask you for anything, (1) Pray for your girl; (2) if my shelf looks messy in Target for some reason, please straighten it up, so every slot is filled, and email me, so we can get it fixed; and (3) tell your friends and family that we’s in TARGET and that we need them to buy just 1 thing before May 1. Yes, I said we’s. I know it’s we are.
Chris-Tia Donaldson is the owner of Thank God It’s Natural and the author of the best-selling book Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Natural Hair. You can follow her on Instagram @tginatural or on Facebook @thankgodimnaturalTune in every Monday for the Target update until we launch nationwide in stores on March X, 2014. 
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tgin Coming to Target March 2015

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Red Target IG
Dear Friends, Family and Supporters:
It gives me great pleasure to share with you that on March 1, 2015, tgin (Thank God It’s Natural) Moist Collection for Natural Hair will be in Target stores nationwide. As we continue on this journey, you should feel free to watch the story unfold. You can read my first article How We Got Into Target: Blood, Sweat, Tears & a TON of Paperwork on my blog at
The past ten years have been amazing. When I self-published Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Hair, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined it would take me to where I am today. But all thanks and glory goes to God, as he had a plan for tgin long before I could have ever formed it in my mind.
It has been a long journey filled with events, in store demos, long nights, long weekends, and road trips. As we work hard to continue to bring you the best in class natural products for your hair, skin, and hopefully one day home, know that we will always remain committed to excellence, the pursuit of perfection and getting it right.
Your support has been critical up until this point, and is very much needed to get to the next level. If I could ask you to do three things, it would be to:

  1. Pray for Us
  2. Tell your friends, family, brother, sister, wife, mother, co-workers, and all of your Facebook friends about how amazing the tgin Moist Collection it is and that it can be found in Target in March. It doesn’t matter if they are black, white, Indian, Asian or Jewish. Somebody they know has to have dry or textured hair.
  3. Finally, we need you to make a purchase before May 1, 2015. One thing. Anything. It all counts.

Finally, I want to say a special thanks to my parents, Clinton and Marie Donaldson, for making the sacrifices that have allowed me to become the woman I am today. Thank you to my friends, who have been a listening ear through all of this and the purveyors of incredibly good advice and plenty of tough love. And to my entire team, who none of this would be possible without. Their unwavering commitment, dedication and willingness to work long hours has taken this company from making products in my kitchen and selling products out of the back of my Ford Escape to being on the shelves of a natural retailer.
Thank you again for your support, prayers, kind words. The journey has only just begun.
Stay natural,
Chief Executive Officer
About tgin
tgin ( is a natural hair and skin product line for individuals  looking to live healthier lifestyles. At tgin, we believe in the healing powers of nature. From organic African shea butter to sulfate-free shampoo, our goal is to become the premier resource for natural hair and skin care. Living well and maintaining healthy, natural, and quenched curls, kinks, and waves does not have to cost a fortune. Each of our products is made in small batches using the finest natural and organic ingredients. None of our products contain parabens and phthalates and none of our products have ever been tested on animals. As we strive to bring you to a superior beauty experience, we have made it our priority to protect this beautiful planet and to give back to our community whenever possible—not because it’s trendy, but because it’s the right thing to do!

5 Steps To Get Gorgeous Curls with Steam Rollers

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Many naturals want big, bouncy, beautiful, sexy curls, without having to get their hair blow dried, flat ironed, and then curled with a curling iron. First off, that is a lot of heat, and has a huge possibility of causing heat damage. Many naturals have been raving about steam rollers to achieve this gorgeous style. Yes! Steam rollers! Steam rollers aren’t just great for our straight haired friends, they work great on natural hair as well. Here are five easy steps to achieve this look.
1. Cleanse and condition
As always you want to start with clean and conditioned hair.  Shampoo your hair with tgin’s Moisture Rich Shampoo, and Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner. Next, rinse and apply a small amount of tgin’s Daily Butter Cream
2. Stretch your hair
You want to stretch your hair to appear like it has been blown out. If you aren’t afraid of a little heat you can braid you hair into four braids, and sit under the drier to dry and stretch your hair. You can also blow dry if you want a straighter look, or simply gently brush hair that you had previously braided. If you don’t want to use any heat, you can put your hair in two ponytails, and apply hair bands throughout the length of your hair, until it is dry, as show above.
3. Heat it up
Allow your roller to sit on the steamer any where from 7-30 seconds. Most companies recommend to leave it on for under 15 seconds, but most naturals have found it works better for natural hair when left on closer to 30 seconds
4.  Roll it up
9d8fef044dc8cadcdb59242cd7975e63-1Once you remove the roller from the steamer begin rolling your hair, section by section. When you have completely rolled your hair, allow the rollers  to sit for 2 hours. If desired you can also sit under a hooded drier.
5 Style
You are now ready to unroll your hair! Once you have unrolled your hair, you can either leave your curls as they are, and allow them to gradually fall throughout the day, or lightly pick apart with your fingers for a more natural curl!
Check out Naptural85  showing us how to achieve this look!
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Will you be trying steam rollers?
Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, follow her on Instagram @Ashleyvsrenee!

Color Me Natural: How to get the Most out of Your Hair Color

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One of the most frequent complaints from black women with color is premature fading. Since the cuticle of kinky hair never closes completely, the molecular level is left exposed and the result is both natural and chemically induced fading. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your color and prevent pre-mature fading:

  • Keep maintenance in mind. Always choose a color that is easy to maintain and fits with your lifestyle. “It’s never a good idea for a low-maintenance woman to get a high-maintenance color,” Ward says. If you are on a budget or tight schedule, opt for natural shades or highlights, that require less maintenance. Many women make the mistake of waiting until their color has faded to try and enhance it — but you can easily extend the life of your color by taking proper care of it beginning with day one.
  • Wait at least two days after shampooing to color your hair. The buildup of natural oils will help your hair to absorb the color more readily.
  • Deep condition. Give your hue a boost, by doing a deep conditioner several days before you color your mane. A deep conditioner makes it easier for your hair to absorb the color and will give you longer lasting results. Plus, a good, deep conditioner can help to reduce any damage that may occur during the coloring process. Try tgin Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner which contains raw honey for softer, shinier tresses and jojoba and olive oils, which nourish and heal strands in need of repair.
  • Use color-protective products. Refresh your color by using a shampoo made for color treated hair in between salon visits. Color treated shampoos are gentler on the hair and often contain semi-permanent pigments that help the hair to maintain its bottled brilliance. For color that endures, try tgin Moisture Rich Sulfate Free Shampoo with aloe vera  to gently cleanse hair and Pro Vitamin B5 to reduce breakage and increase moisture retention.
  • Minimize your exposure to sun and chlorine. Sun and chlorine can damage your color and also cause your hair to feel dry and brittle. For added protection against chlorine, wear a swimcap or apply a leave in conditioner to your hair before you hit the pool. To reverse the harsh effects of chlorine and other harsh pool chemicals, try tgin Replenishing Conditioner formulated with shea butter, green tea, and Cupuacu Butter to help maintain the hair’s natural moisture.
  • Avoid overusing heated styling appliances. As colored hair is prone to dryness and breakage, it is important to limit your usage of blowdryers or flat irons, which can cause color to fade and lead to split ends. If you must use heated styling appliances, make sure that they are set on the coolest possible setting. A thermal protector like tgin Argan Replenishing Hair & Body Serum should also be used when blow drying or curling your hair.
  • Keep your hair moisturized. Natural hair that is conditioned and well moisturized tends to hold color longer and have more shine. To keep your hair feeling soft and supple, Ward suggests using thick and creamy water-based conditioners. Try tgin Butter Cream Moisturizer for Natural Hair made with blends of shea butter and coconut oil to smooth the hair cuticle.
  • Use a color refresher. Ask your colorist for a color refresher (mixture of shampoo and semi permanent color) to keep the color vibrant between touch-ups.
  • Trim your Ends. Keep your color looking rich and vibrant by getting your ends trimmed every two to three months. Even if you are natural, getting your ends trimmed is a must in order to protect against split ends and breakage.
  • Read the label. “Avoid styling products containing alcohol, which strip the hair of moisture and leave your tresses looking dull and lifeless” says Ward. Instead, look for moisturizing water-based styling aids rich in natural oils and conditioners. Try tgin Twist & Define Cream, which works great on locks and twists by taming frizz while keeping hair vibrant and healthy.

Rich and vibrant hair color can be the ultimate accessory and the key to looking and feeling fabulous. Just remember, regular care and maintenance are both critical to achieving color that remains true over time.


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Trend Alert: DIY Gold Flash Tattoo as Seen on Beyonce

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If you happen to be a member of Beyonce’s Beehive, are into body art, or haven’t been living under a rock for the last few months, you have probably seen or heard of metallic and gold flash tattoos! Flash tattoos are a great way to add a little body art without the commitment, and can be done right at home. If you are wanting to try this look at home, at a very low cost, follow these quick steps below!
What you will need:

  • Metallic or Gold cream eye shadow
  • small makeup brushes
  • templates from online
  • scissors
  • Sticker paper/copier labels

1. Select the shapes you are looking for online, then print them out onto the sticker paper.
2. Cut out the shape you desire.
3. Place the cut out on your desired body part, and fill in the stencil with your eyeshadow 
5. Once you are done filling in remove the stencil 
6. For longer lasting flash tattoos, apply hair spray for hold.
Yes, it is just that simple. Homemade flash tattoos usually last for a few hours. This is the perfect accessory for a concert, or night on the town.
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Have you tried flash tattoos?
Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, follow her on Instagram @Ashleyvsrenee!

How to Have a Successful Big Chop in 7 Easy Steps

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Deciding to do the big chop, can be a scary thing. You aren’t sure how you are going to look with short hair, you don’t know how your friends, family members, and significant other will react, and you aren’t quite sure how to care for your natural hair. The first thing to take into account is your own feelings. You should never allow anyone else to talk you out of doing something that you want to do. The people that truly love you, will continue to do so, no matter what hair style you decide to wear! Once you decide to do the big chop there are plenty of resources to help. There are many natural hair blogs, as well as millions of Youtube videos, that will be very helpful to you during this time. Here are seven easy steps to do the big chop.
1. Do Your Research 
tginCutting your hair can be a big deal for many women. You don’t want to just chop off all of your hair on a whim, and have no idea what to do next. It is important that you educate yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Thank God I’m Natural, by tgin CEO, Chris-Tia Donaldson, is a great place to start. After spending hundreds of dollars monthly, having her life practically  revolve around her hair, and not seeing any results in hair growth, tgin CEO, and author of, Thank God I’m Natural, Chris-Tia Donaldson, decided to take the plunge and go natural. Chris-Tia didn’t know much about natural hair care, but she was confident in herself, and her abilities to make it work. Donaldson then discovered at home recipes, as well as techniques for caring for her own natural hair. Thank God I’m Natural, is a great book for any woman considering going natural. It is an Amazon best seller, as well as has been deemed the hair bible by Essence Magazine. Donaldson takes us on a journey of her own self-discovery, as well as provides page after page of helpful tips for the newly, and seasoned natural. In addition to reading this eye opening page turner, make sure you are watching Youtube videos for tips and tricks.
2. Have a Game Plan
black-woman-reading-library-book-1_zps4954d353Many women who jumped into going natural, quickly have went back to relaxers, after not properly educating themselves, and being completely clueless on how to care for their natural hair. You need to have a game plan in set for after you do the big chop. Are you going to wear wigs and weaves, while your hair is still growing? Do you plan on rocking your twa(teeny weeny afro)? Do you want to add a little funk with hair color? Now is the time to start looking at hair magazines and pictures online to decide exactly what styles will work for you once you do the big chop. There are plenty of natural hair styles for short styles, so this should not be hard at all.
3. Chop Chop Bang Bang 

It’s time to get rid of that relaxed hair ladies. You have transitioned as long as you could stand it, and you are ready to start loving and caring for your natural hair! If you are able to, go see a professional stylist. A professional stylist is able to not only cut off your relaxed hair, but cut your hair into a style, as well as make sure you are only cutting off your relaxed hair. It is usually easiest to see the difference between your relaxed, and natural hair when it is wet. If you are unable to see a stylist, ask a friend or family member who has experience with caring for natural hair to help.
4. Products
Now that you are natural, the products you used on your relaxed hair, may no longer work for you. You need to have products that are sulfate free, so you hair is not being dried out. It takes longer for the natural oils our scalp produces to travel down the length of our hair, so we want to be sure we aren’t deducting any more moisture. The key with natural hair is moisture and maintenance. Tgin products are great for natural hair. Our line features everything you need to cleanse, condition, deep condition, and moisturize your hair. You are going to have to try a few products before you find exactly what works for you, and your hair texture. The good thing about this is that there are so many women on youtube just like you, who have hair similar to yours and do reviews on products, oils, and hair techniques. Watch there videos! Don’t limit yourself to only watching the uber popular hair gurus. You might find someone with less viewers, with a hair texture more similar to yours. Try products out, see what you like, and what works for your hair.
5. Take it Easy
Many women feel extremely anxious once they go natural. They aren’t sure of their hair type, what products work best for their hair texture, or how long it will take their hair to grow long. It’s going to take some time to figure all of these things out. The best thing to do during this time is be patient. Don’t compare your hair to the next persons hair, or wonder why your hair isn’t growing as fast, isn’t as curly, or is feeling super dry. Everyone’s hair texture is different. What you want to focus on right now is learning as much as you can about your hair, and what your hair needs. Have a day where you can set some time aside to try a product out, read a natural hair book, or watch a few videos. Remind yourself that your hair will grow much longer in time, you just need to be patient.
6. Protect your hair
It is going to be a little bit easier to protect your hair while it is short. You don’t have to worry about it rubbing on the back of your shirt or jacket causing breakage, and you don’t have to worry about protective styling as much. However, you do want to start thinking about protective styling options for the future, as well as making sure your hair is protected at night. You must make sure that your hair is protected at night. Sleeping with a silk or satin pillow case helps prevent breakage caused by the friction between your hair and cotton pillowcases. Make sure each and every night you are sleeping with a silk or satin scarf or pillowcase.
Now that you are natural, wash days are going to be a tad bit different for you. However, things are going to be a little bit easier while your hair is shorter. Take this time to really feel out what works for you. Are you going to prepoo (condition your hair before you shampoo)? Do you want to deep condition each time you wash? Are you going to a wash ‘n’ go, or style your hair?  It may be easier for you to have a plan of exactly what you want to do with your hair before you get in the shower. This will save you a lot of time.
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[youtube][/youtube] Are you ready to do the big chop?
Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, follow her on Instagram @Ashleyvsrenee!

DIY Honey Protein Treatment

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Your hair, skin, and nails, are all mostly made from protein. The lack of protein in your diet can cause weak nails, excessive shedding in hair, and a dull appearance in your skin. If you have recently done any color treatments, your hair has been experiencing excessive shedding, or you have been using more heat than usual on your hair, it would be wise to try a protein treatment. Protein, when added to hair can promote softness, help to curb excessive shedding, as well as bring curls back to life. While this treatment is great to try at home, it is also important to ensure that you are consuming enough proteins internally. Protein can be found in beans, dark green leafy vegetables, and corn.
What you will need
1 tablespoon of honey
3 tablespoons of mayonnaise
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1.Mix all of the ingredients together. The mixture should be creamy.
2.Apply to wet hair.
3.Leave in your hair for 30 minutes. (for optimal results apply a shower cap)
4. Rinse
5. Shampoo and condition with tgin’s Moisture Rich Sulfate Free Shampoo and Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner
You should immediately notice a difference in softness once your treatment is complete. Follow up by styling your hair with tgin’s Daily Butter Cream or tgin’s Twist and Define Cream
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Are you ready to bring your curls back to life?
Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, follow her on Instagram @Ashleyvsrenee!

7 Easy Steps for Caring for Your Child's Natural Hair

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Kinky, curly, tightly coiled hair, can be difficult to deal with, especially when it’s on your child’s head. You have to deal with a fidgety little person, who whimpers at the slightest touch of their hair, and is ready to run screaming when a comb comes any where near them! It is not easy to say the least. One thing you don’t have to worry about is hair products. Tgin’s product line works great for children’s hair, as well as adults.
Allow these simple steps to make your life just a tad bit easier when caring for your child’s natural hair.
1. Have a Game Plan 
Unfortunately, you can’t dive in head first when caring for your child’s hair. You need to have a game plan set for exactly which day, or days of the week you plan on washing, and styling your child’s hair. Washing in itself can be an ordeal, so you want to have your products ready. Make sure that you have time to wash, condition, and style your child’s hair. You should only be using wide tooth combs, and Denman brushes for detangling. Small toothed combs can cause you to pull out your child’s hair, and cause breakage.
2. Wash day
First and foremost, stay far away from shampoos and conditioners with sulfates. Sulfates dry out hair, and are especially bad for curly and kinky hair, as it takes much longer for the natural oils our scalp produces to travel down the length of our hair. Tgin’s Sulfate Free Moisture Rich Shampoo, and Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner do not contain any sulfates, and leaves hair feeling soft and manageable. When you shampoo your child’s hair, make sure you are applying the shampoo to the scalp while massaging it, and allowing the suds to travel down the length of their hair. After you have rinsed the shampoo, apply tgin’s Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner to the length of their hair. At this time you want to detangle. You can detangle the hair with your fingers, if they have looser curls, or use a wide toothed comb or Denman brush for tighter curls. Once you are done conditioning, rinse the hair and apply tgin’s Honey Miracle Hair Mask. The Honey Miracle Mask is an amazing deep conditioner that works wonders on all hair textures. You will notice how easily the conditioner slides through the length of your child’s hair, drawing in moisture, and detangling it. You can leave the deep conditioner on for up to 30 minutes, it works great with a shower cap as well.
3. Products
Once your child’s hair is completely clean, you want to add products. First, you need to decide how they will be wearing their hair. If you are doing braids, tgin’s Daily Butter cream works great. You only need to apply a small amount, and their hair will stay moisturized for days! You can reapply as needed. If you are going for a curly look, tgin’s Twist and Define Cream, will be more suitable for you. Apply a small amount through the length of your child’s hair. This product works great for twist outs, braid outs, wash ’n’ go’s, as well as roller sets.
4. What to avoid

  • When caring for your child’s natural hair, you obviously want to avoid putting any types of chemicals in your child’s hair, and you want to avoid heat! Using heat excessively on your child’s hair can cause heat damage, and cause their hair to appear limp and lifeless. If you absolutely feel it is appropriate to apply heat, it should not be done more than once every few months, and definitely should not be applied to a child’s hair under the age of six years old. They have plenty of time to experiment in their hair, there is no need to damage it before they truly get to experience the beauty of their own natural hair.
  • Tight styles are very damaging to your child’s hair. This can cause the loss of hair on their edges, as well as tension bumps, headaches, and pain. If your child tells you their hair style is too tight, believe them! Don’t damage your child’s hair for the sake of a hairstyle. Try doing looser braids, ponytails, and occasional braid outs.
  • Excessive weave use. Some parents add weave to their children’s hair as a protective hair style. This isn’t our first choice, but if you absolutely feel you have to add weave to your child’s hair, make sure that braids aren’t too tight, and they are done by a professional. When done well, braids can act as a great protective hair style, and assist in growing long, strong, beautiful hair.

5. Teach your child to love and care for their hair
A lot has changed regarding images in the media from when you were growing up, versus your child. There are a lot more natural hair women on television, in magazines, and probably in your neighborhood. Even though your child may have great natural hair role models they see in the media, teaching your child to love his or her self, and their hair, starts at home. When styling your child’s hair, never use words like nappy, or allow yourself to get frustrated, and make them feel bad about their hair. Children do not forget these things. If you have another child with a more manageable hair texture, definitely don’t compare the two. “Your sisters hair is so much better than yours” or “your brother has good hair” This  type of thinking for one, is very inappropriate, and can be heart breaking for your children to hear. All hair is beautiful. You should only be speaking positive things about your child, and their hair. Remind your child how beautiful their hair is, and don’t allow them to say anything negative about it either. You must not only teach your children to love their hair, but also to care for it. Teaching your child to properly care for their hair at an early age, will help  prevent them from making damaging hair mistakes in the future.
6. Night time Routine

In addition to your day time routine, or wash routine, it is good to have a night time routine set in place. At night, make sure your child is sleeping on a silk or satin pillow case, or is wearing a bonnet to protect their hair style, and hair. It is best not to sleep with hard hair balls, this can be extremely uncomfortable at night. Instead use hair ties, or pony tail holders, and apply the balls during the day, if that is their style for the day.
7. Relax
As a parent, you have a million and one things to worry and stress about, and your child’s hair should not be one of them! Take a chill pill, keep calm, and remember it is only hair!
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What styles will you be trying for your child’s natural hair?
Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, follow her on Instagram @Ashleyvsrenee!

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